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The conference of self-advocates Hear our voices, organised by the European Platform of Self-Advocates, took place in Graz during 18th and September 20th.

suports-persones-amb-discapacitatOn this occasion, Sara Q. and Eduardo G., accompanied by Raul Olivera, coordinator of the social area, attended the meeting and participated in the different workshops.

The main topic of the meeting was focused on promoting the participation of persons with disability in the political life, but they discussed other matters related to self-advocates that were of their concern.

On the other hand, the different working groups emphasized the importance of being connected and go on defending the rights as well as giving support to the persons with intellectual disability with the purpose of promoting their participation in the community and reaching their social inclusion.

empoderament-persones-amb-discapacitatSara and Eduardo had the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with persons of other countries and with colleagues of the Grup de Suport a la Direcció (GADIR) of Plena Inclusió. At the same time, they interchanged information about accessibility, salary situation, finance, and even the services provided to the persons with disability.

At the end of the conference, both Sara and Eduardo, were excited about the work that the groups of self-advocates of other countries and they planned to go on learning and sharing this information with the group Som Companys. Therefore, the assessment of the conference was very positive, and both of them said that it is a very interesting way of taking advantage of the synergies and good practices of other entities.

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