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Next October, 25th, the Coordinadora de Comunitats Terapèutiques (CCTT), Pisos de Reinserció (PPRR) and Centres de Dia (CCDD) per a drogodependents of Catalunya organises the Jornada I+D sobre el tractament de les addiccions al segle XXI at la Casa del Mar de Barcelona.

The purpose of this Seminar is to give value and get to know the evolution and steady adaptation carried out in the CCTT, PPRR i CCDD towards the new groups we care, always from a perspective of attention focused on the needs of the users.

Raúl Olivera, coordinator of the social area of Som – Fundació, will participate in the discussion panel that will analyse the challenges to be in mind in order to face the needs of the 21st Century. Likewise, Raúl will participate in a workshop that will deal about the needs of people with intellectual disabilities to access to the centres of the Xarxa d’Atenció a les Drogodependències (XAD) (Network of Attention to Drug dependencies).

The Seminar also tries to ask questions to the attendants and reflect together about the challenges that the centres of addictions of 21st century have to face the collectives or to the specific needs that the youth and teenagers, women with children with intellectual disabilities …

Through this seminar, organised by the Coordinadora de Comunitats Terapèutiques, Pisos de Reinserció and day centres for drug dependents of Catalunya, there will be a debate about the challenges of their centres with users of 21st century.

During this event, Raúl Olivera will have the chance of give visibility to the collective of persons we care and emphasise the need of specialised attention that has not be covered yet.

It is a good news that the organisation is concerned about how the centres would adapt to the persons with intellectual disabilities and cognitive handicaps. We thank the invitation and the opportunity we have been offered to interchange visions and ideas with the rest of the participants.

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