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The group Som Companys had planned to carry out this year an activity related with sex-affectivity. The professional that give support to them organised last April 17th a sexoafectivitat-discapacitat-intel·lectualformation session given by Noemí Domínguez, psychologist- sexologist in the Game Shop for Adults Kitsch.

The aim of the session was to deal the topic of the right to sexuality, prevention of diseases, and respect to have a healthy sexuality.

The psychologist outstood the need of enjoying the sexuality in a very respectful relationship with our body, taking into account our own needs and those of the others. Likewise, she gave the assistants information about the possible risks for the health with recommendations to feel safe in our sexual and affective relationships.

The participants felt very comfortable during the whole session for the naturalness that the psychologist dealt the different topics. They discovered that sex-affectivity, apart from the aspects of the sexual activity, contemplates other concepts, such, for example, intimacy, need of pleasing and being pleased by the other, love and be loved, give and receive affection and plan your life next to someone else.

It was a very enriching workshop for all the participants and it helped them to empower themselves, sharing their experiences and concerns related to the affectivity health.

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