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Sara Q. and Raquel M., together with Raúl Olivera, coordinator of the social area, and Josep Tresserras, manager-director, participated in the Conference Europe in Action, organised by Inclusion Europe, celebrated last June in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference focused on two main topics:Europe-in-Action-discapacitat-intel·lectual

  • How to give support to the transition from the institutions to the community.
  • How to give support to the persons with disability once they live in the community, enabling the decision-making and favouring the coverage of their needs.

Raquel presented the process she carried out during the last years to make reality her project of independent life. Sara explained how the group Som Companys was born, and the monthly activities they carry out, from debates to leisure activities.

Raquel and Sara point out that their participation in the conference has been a very positive experience because they have been able to share their experiences with the audience and, at the same time, get to know other realities. They commented us that at the beginning of their participation were a bit nervous, but after a short while, they were calm, as they knew well that Raul was supporting them.

On the other hand, they said that this type of meetings “favour the interchange of ideas, information, experiences, and knowledge, because that is precisely what nourish us. This makes possible that we can improve the sphere of the disability. This way we all win”.

In spite of that, they also told us that they were surprised at seeing that there are “governments of other countries that they do not get involved in the issue of the people with disability”. For this reason, they insist on the importance of celebrating this type of meetings, in which persons with disability and entities can participate, in order to learn and improve the conditions of those persons.

compartint-persones-amb-discapacitatThey were three intensive days, since they attended different meetings and workshop. In the evening, they met the group Plena Inclusion to comment the events of the day and make a visit around the conference centre.

Besides, one evening they could go and visit Trakai Castle, with an exceptional guide, Eglé U., who was part of the programme of Volunteers of Som – Fundació for three years.

Raquel and Sara recognise that it has been very interesting taking part in this meeting and they would like to have the opportunity to attend the next meeting.

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