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Albert Cortina and Miquel Àngel Serra, presented the book Singulars. Ètica de les tecnologies emergents en persones amb diversitat funcional in which they, together with some other authors, deal with the subject of the functional diversity, the argued capacities and the functional, sensitive, physical and cognitive disability. These authors singulares-discapacitat-intel·lectualstate, by means of the transhumanist ideology, an improvement of the efficiency and the physical and cognitive potentialities of the human being.

The objective of the book is to open a dialogue about how to take profit of the scientific- technological progress to favour the inclusion from the singularity and vulnerability of the persons.

The authors suggest that genetic technology is going to be present in a near future and we will be compelled to take decisions about the moral obligation its use or about the singularity of each human being. Miquel Àngel Serra considers that the social responsibility of the research is upon the whole community and he thinks that it is a mistake leave these decisions over the use of technology only to experts.

Albert Cortina shows us two paradigms that, currently, are configuring our system of calues:

  • The ideology of transhumanism that proposes the artificial and cyber-technological improvement of the human being.
  • The integrating humanism that tries to complement, enrich, and humanise science and

Jordi Costa, president de som – fundació, in the chapter dealing with the rights of the persons with intellectual disabilities indicates that disability and society are absolutely linked. The convention about the rights of the persons with disabilities of UN was conceived to be the juridical base of protection and promotion of the rights and dignity of the persons with disabilities. The Convention, according to Jordi Costa, will help to build this new society that new technologies are starting to configure, but the real change shall be produced starting from our very daily actions.

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