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gestió-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectualSom Companys (we are fellows) is composed of a group of users who have met once a month in our foundation since February 2018. During this time, the group has created their own space, where they decide about the activities they want to carry out, the topics they want to discuss and, mainly, the experiences to share with the rest of the assistants.

Som Companys was born as an open group, but with a minimum commitment. In other words, the users must commit themselves to attend periodical meetings. Three professionals of the foundation coordinate the sessions: Carla Arcos, Jennifer Jiménez, and Montse Gozálvez.

So far, 16 persons to whom we support have participated in the meetings carried out and that have dealt with several topics of which give detail below:

  • Information about the modification of the juridical capacity and their consequences.
  • Possibilities of the persons with intellectual disabilities to do volunteering. We also informed about the rights and duties of volunteering.
  • Assistance to a meeting about independent life.
  • Group dynamic about support to decision making offered by guardianship entities, with the objective of being aware of the topics decided directly by the persons under guardianship and, at the same time, identify those aspects that require some help and support.
  • Assistance to a cinema session in the foundation headquarters.

In the last January meeting, the group decided to evaluate this first year. Most of the assistants outstood that the activities they liked most were those related with leisure such as, a visit to a museum or a cinema session. Nevertheless, they also found interesting the informative talks.

On the other hand, some members of the group indicated that the reasons why they want to continue in the group are: “I find myself comfortable”, “I meet people”, “I like to talk about things”, or, “we laugh and learn”.

Therefore, after this positive assessment, the group considered that it was the moment of suggesting some activities to carry out during 2019, such as, a dynamic about respect and empathy, watch a documentary about violence of gender, an informative talk about legal aspects related with different day-by-day situations: robberies, intimidations …

From the foundation, we are totally convinced that we have to continue promoting this type of spaces in order to implement the socialisation of the collective of persons we take care of.

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