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Currently, the foundation attends 631 persons with intellectual disability that require different types of support in order to guarantee their needs and improve their quality of life. There is a group of users persons that, although they have their family, receive support from the foundation in the decision-making. This is the case of Sergi C.

planificant-futur-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectualCarme and Jose Antonio, Sergi C.’s parents, meet four times a year with the support team of their son, Ana Masanas and Ares Roca. The main purpose of these quarterly meetings are to evaluate together with Sergi how the previous period has gone and evaluate the changes or adaptations carried out to make a reality his project of life.

Sergi knows what he wants and has ready a list with the different issues to be dealt or the activities he would like to carry out, and comment these topics with his parents and the support team. “This way it is easier to reach agreements and I don’t forget them”, he says.

The meeting helps to talk about the affairs he is most concerned, and share all the points of view of the assistants because, in the end, all of them are part of a team whose main aim is the wellbeing of Sergi.

Carme told us that sometimes “it is not easy at all to be a mother of a person with a disability, and that the foundation helps her to manage the most complex situations”.

During the meeting, Sergi’s parents emphasised that they count of Som – Fundació help, and they are very relaxed because they know that if they need to solve any problem, they can get in touch directly with the support team. They also proposed the foundation to organise some events with the other families to share experiences and information about disability. This way, they considered that they could discuss common topics of their concern, and above all, value together alternatives and possible solutions.

Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us!

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