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Lectoescriptura-persones-amb-discapacitat-intel·lectualLast June, 12th we finished the literacy workshop that we had begun last Easter. Rosa Tècul, volunteer, has been in charge of giving the 10 sessions. Each Tuesday, from 16.30 to 18.00 hours, a group of four people has met at the Foundation’s headquarters to learn several subjects.

In the beginning, the idea was to arrange a workshop to strengthen literacy, but later it has helped to go on consolidating different learnings, from the basic arithmetic operations to writing and easy and spelling. On the other hand, the need of including a more Lectoescriptura-persones-discapacitatludic part has brought up in a natural way, and the group carried about handicraft, using paint and mud, table games, and even an outing to the borough of Sarrià; and with all of this, the group has found a space to share in their day by day life.

In short, the persons participating in this workshop have been building a space in which they have learnt and they have shared experiences and they have been accomplices of the content they have dealt. They have felt so comfortable all together that next October they will go on with another edition incorporating new issues!

We thank Rosa, the volunteer that leads this workshop, for the time she has devoted and, above all, the love and illusion she shows every week.

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