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After months of preparations, last September we started the first meetings of Support Partners of Som Fundació, a group formed by eight persons under guardianship that see each other regularly to talk about different topics that can enrich their lives.

Be a support partner means to share, among equals, experiences that the person has lived and that are considered positive examples, models of quality of life. These experiences can encourage other people to try new situations, to improve their personal appearance or realise that there are other possible alternatives.

So, this initiative becomes a space of self-help and mutual confidence, in which the people participating open discussions that may be difficult to deal in other places. For this reason, it is important to learn to listen to people, be sympathetic, and have an open and empathic attitude towards the others or to see that there are other alternatives.

As you can see, the group Support Partners is something more than a meeting point in which they can explain their experiences. It is a place to enjoy and share their time among friends.

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