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EEA Margarita, service provider entity of Athens that is part of the European Association of providers of services for persons with disabilities (EASPD), was interested in getting information abaout the tasks of support in the decision making carried out in other member entities.

suport-presa-decisions-convencióRaul Olivera, of Som – Fundació, Ferran Blanco and Pep Sole of Fundació Support Girona, as members of EASPD Lighthouse Network, were the responsible of organising and participating in a meeting held at the Greek entity during September 16th and 17th.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote the interchange of information and experiences among professionals, families of persons with disability and the users.

Pep Sole started the session with one presentation about the most relevant topics related with the decision making with supports contemplated in the UN Convention about the Rights of the Persons with Disability, addressed to professionals of the area of Disability. Likewise, he indicated the changes to be implemented in the entities in order to adapt them to the principles stablished in the law, and that favour the real inclusion of the persons with disability in the society.

Ferran Blanco and Raul Olivera explained the models for the decision making being carried out in our entities to the professionals and to the persons users of the foundation EEA Margarita, outstanding some risks that must be taken into account from:

  • the entity, in order to get rid of the protectionism to the person.
  • the professionals and the families, adopting a change of role that allows the persons with disability the possibility and the right to make mistakes.

At the same time, they emphasised that we must be able to create a balance between protectionism and abuse and/or abandonment in order to guarantee the quality of life of the persons users.

suport-persones-discapacitat-intel·lectualApart from these pieces of advice, they gave details about the tools and mechanisms carried out in our entities to favour the decision making of the persons we support, sus as, the personalised and accessible working plans, report of the financial situation in easy reading, etc.

The meeting finished with a workshop addressed to the families of persons with disability that had to think about practical and real cases about the support to the decision-making, applying the legislation of the Convention and the recommendations received by the dynamizers. This way, they tried to pool ideas in common and learn to raise awareness in the families about the need of avoiding the super protection in order to adapt themselves to the model of supports.

The workshops became very participative and they made clear the importance of sharing knowledge and good practices among professionals, families and persons users in order to go ahead in the implementation of the models of supports in the decision-making of the persons with disability.

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