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“accompanying them to buy clothes or to hospital, afternoon meals, Christmas dinner…”

The main activity of  SOM – FUNDACIÓ CATALANA TUTELAR is to provide the necessary support in decision-making to people with intellectual disabilities and to defend their rights in order to acompany them in their integral development and their social inclusion.

This activity is carried out within the framework of the institutions for the protection of the person, regulated in the Civil Code of Catalonia, when a judge determines the exercise of the guardianship in all forms prescribed by law: guardianship, curatorship, asset management, legal defender  or counselling body.

The Volunteer program is another fundamental area of Som – Fundació. Its main objective is to ensure that all people we support have an emotionally supportive volunteer with whom share leisure activities, establishing a personal relationship that will last over time and that will enhance their abilities and emotional well-being.  At the same time, volunteers promotes an awareness of the reality of people with intellectual disabilities to the society to public knowledge.


In the personal sphere
The personal  dimension is one of the highlights of Som – Fundació’s ideology to support people with intellectual disabilities and to make reality their life project.

The foundation bases its intervention on individualized attention to people with disabilities, accompanying them in decision-making, respecting their rights and counting on their active participation.

The organization promotes the socialization of the people attended by the foundation through the regular meetings we hold in Barcelona and outside the city. Amont theses activities, the monthly tea (merienda) and the Christmas lunch are especially important.

Individual work plans are also designed to carry out the actions and activities decided by the multidisciplinary team in order to:

  • Encourage relationships between the persons we support and Som – Fundació staff.
  • Provide help and advice.
  • Encourage personal growth.

Som – Fundació  provides home help, residential and occupational help, as well as entertainment suitable for each person, according to their needs and expectations. Som – Fundació will also accompany users to doctor´s appointments, to the hospital, to buy clothes and personal effects. Likewise, the Foundation seeks the necessary help to establish networks within the community and facilitate their inclusion, whenever possible.

Finally, we try to send the persons we support on holiday in order to contribute to the normalization of their lives.


In the patrimonial sector
The personal and the patrimonial dimensions form a unit in the support we give to people with intellectual disabilities, although in some cases a judicial decision can divide them. Most of the time, the patrimony of those under the support of Som – Fundació is minimal, but it is managed in a thoughtful and rigorous, effective, transparent and totally individualized way.

In order to carry out this task efficiently, Som – Fundació prepares individual accounts for each person. And to ensure scrupulous fulfillment of its obligations as patrimonial and administrative representatives, it presents the detailed accounts to the judicial estates in order to be approved.

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