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La Xarxa per una Ciutadania Activa i Compromesa (XCAC) (The network for an active and compromising Citizenship”) organises the fourth edition of Àgora Ciutadana next November, 12th, at 16.30 h at Centre de Cultura i Memòria del Born. One of the objectives of the meeting is outstand the collaboration of the society and the volunteers with the entities of Barcelona.

voluntariat-inclusiu-JoTbPucThe event will include a debate about the collective action as an instrument to defend the social rights. Next, there will take place a Debate “The Barcelona of the compromising people”, where there will be a presentation of experiences of persons socially committed with the city. The debate will have the participation of Fernando Valero, as volunteer of Amics de la Gent Gran and representing the programme #ICanToo, fostered by Som – Fundació that promotes the inclusive volunteering.

The collaboration of the citizens of the city and other forms of citizen compromise contribute to meet the needs of the vulnerable population or in risk of social exclusion and guarantee the social Rights for everybody and it is for these reasons that XCAC organizes Àgora Ciutadana 2018 around the following objectives:

⇒ Visualize the importance of the citizenship involvement in the guarantee of the social rights.
⇒ Outstand the values of the social commitment for the guarantee of the social rights and empower of the citizens.
⇒ Promote the citizen collaboration with the entities of the Agreement.
⇒ Explain to the citizens what the entities do and give prestige to the different ways of civilian commitment, especially: volunteers in organisations, movements in defence of the social rights and actions of good neighbourhood, community networks and initiatives of social character.
Promote the social commitment of the citizens in the different forms of areas of the daily life (family, community of neighbours, borough, friends, city, and so on….)

⇒ Present the programme “Assets of the agreement” in order to recognise the task of the entities in the promotion and canalisation of the social citizen commitment.

Àgora Ciutadana 2018 is addressed especially to the entities of Acord Ciutadà, (“Citizen Agreement”) as well as to people socially committed with the city: volunteers of organisations, participants in ciclilan activities or good neighbouring, and members of groups of mutual support, social movements and community networks.