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Luis R. defines himself as a restless person who enjooys doing different activities. He enjoys attending computer lessons, and likes painting, voluntariat-tutelar-discapacitat-intel·lectualtoo, although he is devoting his time now to drwawing. He also likes practising sport, from swimming to walk, and enjoys his Catalan lessons.

Besides, Luis has the support of Sergi S., volunteer, who has acompanied him weekly for more than two years. Luis is highly satisfied with their friendly relationship, a fact that has allowed him to meet Sergi’s parents and enjoy some family celebrations.

Nevertheless, he has detected himself some visual proplems that have made him to increase the number of supports in order to guaranteee his autonomy. Som – Fundació, in coordination with the professionals of his suport-discapacitat-intel·lectualhome-residence, with the workshops he attends to do activities and with Fundación ONCE that provides him help to improve his visual capacity.

Some time ago, Luis attended together with other colleagues a training programme of Fundación ONCE to participate in psichomotricity and musical therapy activities. This type of thereapy helped him to identify his fears and face them, as well as sharing experiences with the rest of the group, with the aim of finding solutions to common problems.

A the same time, he has become familiar with new tools that help him day by day, like the use of a stick, the use of the reemote control to detect the change of the traffic lights or the adaptation of the lense glasses that allow him to continue doing one of their hobbies: Reading.

Luis tells us in the interview that the thing he doesn’t like is the use of the stick because he doesnt want to give an idea of vulnerablily, although he is quite aware of the need of it.

Finally, although there is quite a lot of time before summertime, Luis has proposed Rodrigo P., his guardiasnsip referent, to start to prepare his holidays in advance. This year, he would like to go to Germany. We are sure that with his perseverance and will, he will succeed in doing it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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