Categories: Sin categoría, Support decision makingPublished On: 28 de January de 2021

Angel M. is a person who has no family and finds it very difficult to ask other people for help in resolving those issues that concern or worry him. For a while, he lived alone and, as a result of various circumstances, the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down sent him to our foundation to find out about the assistance charge.

Assistance is a support figure for people with intellectual disabilities that largely coincides with the precepts of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as it is the same person who asks the judge, the type of support he requires, whether in the patrimonial or personal field.

assistència-persones-discapacitat-intel.lectualAngel thought it might be a good option, because he only needed help with financial matters and health issues. He was very clear that he did not require guardianship. Therefore, the corresponding procedures were initiated and, since 2013, he has received the support he requested.

At first, he only contacted Rosa Padilla, his assistant, for financial matters, doubts about bank statements and matters related to the apartment. Gradually, she has gained more confidence and asked for support to solve health-related issues, especially when it comes to having a test or going to a medical visit, in which he is accompanied by Yolanda Paz, social worker.

He currently shares a flat with a colleague supervised by the Fundació La Tutela and with whom he has lived for more than nine years. Although they have very different characters, they agree that they are both very independent and like to maintain their intimacy.

As for household chores, they receive support at home twice a week to buy food and organize the cleaning of the house.

He told us that the pandemic months are being very difficult, because he cannot go to the library or for a walk and he has to be at home for a long time. He is worth saving to be able to buy a computer and be able to take up reading again, increase the virtual relationship with other colleagues or even do some training online. He also plans to volunteer to feel useful helping other people.

Angel believes that, due to his character, he is not yet asking for all the support he would need, but he has considered changing this attitude and asking his assistant more about the issues that concern him. In the end, it is he who decides how much and in what matters he wants to receive the supports to carry out his life project.