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premi-lluis-marti-voluntariat-inclusiuSom – Fundació has been awarded with the prize, given last December, 14th by the Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social, for the programme #ICanToo do volunteering, which has been considered as the best practice of social responsibility with the volunteer as protagonist agent. The prize is financed by the Fundació Bancària Obra Social La Caixa and endowed with 4.000 € that will be devoted to enlarge and consolidate the programme.

The objective of the programme #ICanToo is to promote the inclusion of the persons with intellectual disabilities whom we support in their closest community area through volunteering.

From this project, we foster the social responsibility we have as responsible and warrantors of the persons that we represent, we get them closer to a new social and participant that empowers them and places them in an innovator role.

The programme #ICanToo involves an added value, not only to the persons is it addressed that are users of the foundation, but also to the entities that incorporate them as volunteers:


#ICanToo is an absolutely cooperative programme that involves different social agents from the federation to the entities and associations that have as main objective the incorporation of persons to volunteering, beyond their intellectual disability.

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