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With the reform of the Organic law of the General Electoral Procedure (LOREG), 100.000 persons, who had been deprived of their right to vote for having been incapacitated judicially, will be able to vote in the next general elections, next May, and in all the elections summoned in the future. These persons, who have been reforma-loreg-persones-amb-discapacitatdeprived for decades, were mainly persons with intellectual disabilities or development, mental illness, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy.

The new regulation that took effect on December 7th, 2018, determines that “every person will be able to exercise their right to vote, conscious, free and voluntarily, whatever be their way of communicating of and with the support means required”.

The persons who lost their right to vote in the past, will recover this right automatically, in other words, they will not have to make a single approach or particular management. Nevertheless, those persons interested in voting in the European, Autonomic or Municipal elections next May, that do not receive their census card in time, they will have to go to the Town Hall or to the place where they are registered or to the Delegació Provincial de l’Oficina del Cens Electoral in order to know in which polling station they can exercise their right to vote.

From our foundation, we will provide with the necessary support to all the users that ask for help so that they can exercise their right to vote with all the guarantees.

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