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Raimon is an old friend of our home, Som. He has been in the Foundation for a decade and he has been all this time companion of Sebastià, José, and Hortensio. Now, for personal reasons, he cannot devote so much time to them, but he wants to continue connected to the people that he has been accompanying along these years.

What does it imply to you being a volunteering?

For me, it is something that you carry inside yourself. Years ago, I couldn’t devote my time to volunteer because I had to work, but as I retired I started to do volunteer tasks in some entities and collaborate in some social groups, such as, “iaioflautes”, retired people who are fighting for a better welfare of ordinary people.

What has been your experience with Som Fundació?

Everybody knows the people under guardianship are very grateful. So one realises that this is a good cause and that it is worth doing this work. It is a very comforting task, you feel close attached to the person, to his / her problems, and you take home these problems with you. It is not only to have a walk with them, it implies getting involved in their lives.

Will you go on doing these volunteer tasks?

I have decided to untie myself a bit, due to my health situation. The people under guardianship need us at a hundred per cent, and I recognise that I cannot devote myself at that level. I will do some tasks without a strict schedule and a lower level of commitment.

Thanks a lot, Raimon!

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