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A simple gesture, as it is to tick the box of activities of social interesting the declaration of our annual tax, or as colloquially everybody knows as “solidary X”, may benefit to about 7 million people that find themselves in risk of social exclusion.

In 2016, the NGO set up 1.272 projects addressed to give support to infancy, elder people, persons with learning disabilities and their families, women in risk of exclusion, immigrants, persons with dangerous addictions, cancer patients, rural people in disadvantage, … that could improve their lives thanks to these programmes. Nevertheless, these programmes only represent a third part of those needs required by social entities to cover the needs of the citizens.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, in 2015, there was an increase to more than 200.000 persons that chose the solidary box and there were 10.383.605 solidary persons; in other words, , more than 50% of the total taxpayers in the national sphere.

In spite of that, there is a 46% of taxpayers that did not choose the box of social interest in their annual tax declaration, because they left it blank (30%), or they chose exclusively the case of the Roman Catholic Church (16%). It is important to point out that both options are compatible, and thus, duplicate the assignment of resources: 0, 7% for social interest and 0, 7% for the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, to choose both boxes does not divide the help, but quite the contrary, it sums up. IF anyone does not tick the Solidary X, we leave the Government to decide the destination of our taxes.
All of us can contribute to improve the existing resources addressed to persons in risk of vulnerability. With this simple gesture, at the moment of filling our tax declaration, we can help to improve the life of people living in social exclusion.
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