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The “El berenar” of April was held in a very especial place: “la Caseta de la Hermandad de los Romeros” that, as every year on these dates, is located in the “Fòrum de Barcelona”, to celebrate the traditional “Fèria d’Abril”. On this occasion, we were 235 persons, among professionals of the foundation, pupils, volunteers and members of the Patronage.

Last April, 28th was not a sunny day, though in Barcelona: Quite the contrary, it was a rainy and cold day. But the bad weather did not spoil a joyful evening full of anecdotes and joy at a good rhythm. Everybody was very cheerful, and we having delicious bits of food and “tapas” we danced to the most varied music played there: pop, padodobles, rumbas and, obviously, sevillanas.

One more year, “la Hermandad de los Romeros” opened its doors to share a friendly evening with all the people who are part of the foundation.
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