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M. Carme S. lives in Terrassa with Victòria C., her aunt. Both receive support from Som – Fundació, which is also in charge of coordinating the services they need suport-persones-amb-discapacitatdaily from other entities to guarantee their quality of life.

Carme has been pre-retired for a year and she misses her work mates. This situation made the social area team that cares for her, composed by Noemí Martínez and Xavi Ros, to propose her the practice of leisure activities to promote her socialisation.

She started to go to Estel association three days a week, where she is doing one of the activities she likes most: theatre and music. Currently, she is very excited because she will participate in a theatre performance which they have been rehearsing these last weeks and, besides, she will do a cover of Rocio Dúrcal.

On the other hand, the team agreed to carry out a sport practice and Carme chose swimming.

A short time ago, she finished a computer course and she is now very fond of computers. In the interview she commented us that now she is updated with all the events happening in Terrassa.

She still finds time to do some chores and helps her aunt who is 93. Carme indicated that thanks to the support from the Foundation she can participate in the activities she likes and have relationships with other people.

suport-persones-discapacitat-intel·lectualXavier Ros, guardianship auxiliary, visits her each week and accompanies her to do her shopping, to solve incidents, or carry out different arrangements. Carme is very pleased with Xavi because, after so many years, she trusts him and comments him all her worries. Nevertheless, she says that the thing she loves most about the Foundation is the tranquillity she has for the fact of seeing that her aunt is in good hands.

Now, she is eager to go on holidays with her sisters that spend the summer in small village in Huesca, where she will enjoy a cool weather.

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