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Good luck for all of us!


Let’s brake for a second (we are in such a frenzy rhythm) and let’s think of the volunteers that collaborate every day, in a constant and silent way, to give an added value to the task we carry out.

They are there ready to go for a walk, to go to the cinema or to have a drink in the neighbourhood. They are always ready there to accompany our people under guardianship on their day by day routines, listening to their peculiar stories. They allow us to expand our arms where, often we cannot arrive, becoming their confessors, one more friends, giving them esteem, and over all, normalising their lives.

Today is the International Volunteer’s Day, a day that wants to outstand the task done by these people – and also entities- that make fulfil the needs of those collectives that are in social risk.

Quoting a phrase from a piece of news published in Xarxanet: “This day reminds us that life and welfare go further than the salary at the end of the month, studies, the closest people , our house, our car. Voluntary actions is going further, enjoying while we offer our time to the others and to the world around us, covering the needs of those people who have problems”.

Besides, Barcelona has been chosen as Capital of Volunteers in 2014, for the generosity and solidarity that the volunteers of our city transmit.

So, to day, it is a great day, let’s celebrate it.

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