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Jordi B
Jordi B. is a volunteer that has been in som – fundació for 8 years, and during this time he has always been volunteer of Alex Q.

How did you start in som – fundació?
Josep M. Duran, one of the founders of the foundation told me about the task that he was doing at the entity and he told me about the possibility of collaborating in it. Josep M. put me in contact with the responsible of the Programme of Volunteers who explained to me the function I could develop and he convinced me to join the foundation. From then on, I have been volunteer of Alex.

Which activities do you do with Alex?
Every three weeks I meet Alex in the boarding institution where he lives and, depending on the week, we go out to have a meal in the afternoon, go for a walk along the beach, something he likes very much, or we go to the cinema. Definitely, we try to do things that he likes.
I also go once a year to see the play that they perform in his boarding institution, because he likes to see me among the audience.

What does contribute you to be a volunteer?
It gives me a lot of satisfaction. It is something that does not require a lot of dedication, but you feel very helpful because you help people who need it. On the other hand, we have improved our relationship along these years, and the good communication between us has generated a very important thing: affection.

You have been for many years volunteer of only one person in som – fundació. Would you have done punctual activities with other people rather than being a volunteer of only one person?
No, I wouldn’t. I prefer to be with the same person because this allows to stablish a closer relationship and a link more positive between us.

How would you define your relation with the foundation?
The relationship with the foundation is good and I receive a lot of support from the entity, this makes me not to feel alone and encourages me to develop this task of volunteer.

Thanks Jordi for sharing your experience with us.

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