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companys-discapacitat-intel·lectualThe entity has promoted the creation of a group of users that have met since last February once a month in the foundation headquarters, from 18 to 19.30 hours. The expectations of the group are diverse, but everyone agrees that what interests them is to create a space to deal with very different issues, as for example, advantages they can take, training courses, cultural outings, and share these experiences with their pals.

At the moment, there are twelve persons who are taking part in this group, but it is open to all the users that may incorporate to the meetings. They try to make their space with the purpose of creating a network and links with all the people who are part of the foundation. For this reason, they considered that the same members of the group could name the group as  “Som Companys” -“we are pals”.

In each meeting they deal with the issues they brainstormed the previous meeting, and share other pieces of interesting information for their mates. These meetings are coordinated by two professionals of the Foundation: Montse Gozálvez and Raúl Olivera, to help them to focus the matters that may be more relevant to all the assistants.

So, this is a group that is creating its space of meeting according to its interests with the objective of dealing and sharing their worries and concerns. We know for certain that this is a good alternative to promote the socialisation of the collective we take care of.

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