Attention to families in vulnerable situation

This project is aimed at persons and families
with intellectual disabilities that we support
that are in a vulnerable situation.
This means that they are in a fragile situation
and that can cause a process of social exclusion.

The necessary support is given, mainly,
to families with sons and daughters
to cover their basic needs:

  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Clothing
  • Medicines
  • Other products

Our aim is to take care
or improve the health of families
and ensure that their basic needs are covered.

With the right support,
the people attended by the foundation
who have children under their care,
can continue living in their home,
with their sons and daughters.

It helps the well-being of the family
and to the healthy growth of their sons and daughters.

The project is based on the defense of the rights of these families
and by making society aware of its situation
and show interest.

The project is based on the defense
of the right of these families
and, also, wants to make the society aware
of their situation, and show some interest.

We work to defend universal rights:

  • Respect: Treating a person well, without offending or harming him/her.
  • Dignity: The right of people to be treated with respect and fairly.
  • Equality: All people are equal before the law.

This program counts with the collaboration of:

Departament Drets socials