Inclusive leisure

The inclusive leisure project Som Companys (“We are teammates”, in Catalan)
organizes meetings among the people we support
with a high level of autonomy
in order to improve social relations,
promote empowerment
and inclusive leisure.

We provide them a space to share experiences,
and we organize leisure and cultural activities
to increase the feeling of being part of our foundation.
The usual meeting point is the foundation headquarters
and they can stay, or go to a city leisure or cultural space,
depending on the kind of the activity that has been organized,

From the beginning,
the members of the group are the ones who decide
the activities they want to do,
the topics they want to talk about
and the experiences they want to share
with the rest of the teammates.

Som Companys was born
as an open and flexible group
but it entails a commitment
to attend scheduled meetings.


We give tools to the person
to increase his/her strength.

Inclusive leisure

With support,
a person with intellectual disability
is able to participate
in the same leisure activities
than people without disability.