Independent living

The independent living program Vull viure a casa
(I want to live at home, in Catalan)
provides support to persons with intellectual disabilities
to they can live independently
and prevent them from having to do so
in an institution.

At Som — Fundació we give:

  • Care adapted to the needs of each person.
  • Home care.
  • Social support.

We have launched this program
to cover the needs of the people we support.
We accompany them in their daily activities,
both at home and in the community,
expanding their social network
and making their full inclusion possible.

Situation in which a person
has the same rights
than any citizen
and participates in society
like others do.

Our aim is to promote the independent living,
increasing the overall growth of the person,
the ability to control
and make personal decisions
about how to live
and how to perform the basic activities of daily living.

Som — Fundació is part of the Accessibility and Independent Living Network
set up by the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities
of Barcelona City Council (IMPD),
working for the right to independent living
be possible in our city.

Discover the experience of three people
with intellectual disability
that are participanting in the program:

With the collaboration of:

Ajuntament Barcelona