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Whistleblower Channel

Internal and external communication

The Whistleblower Channel is the communication way that is avalaible to the Professionals of the entity and third persons related with the entity (users, clients, families, volunteers, suppliers, collaborators, donators, sponsors, other entities of the sector, civil servants or authorities).



The objective of the Channel is to solve doubts about the legal or ethical correction of any behaviour and receive communications of legal infractions (or risk of infractions) or Code of behaviour so that we can check the facts and adopt the appropriate measures.



The Whistleblower Channel is managed by the Responsible of Normative Compliance with the support of external professionals. These responsible persons are in charge of the processing and resolution of the ethical or legal doubts of the claims.

The persons interested in solving doubts about the ethical or legal correction of a behaviour may address to indicating:

→ Name and Surnames
→ Telephone
→ Description of facts and/or doubts to be solved
→ Attachment of a document if necessary or required

The Responsible of Normative Compliance will guarantee that all the received claims are analysed in a confidential and independent manner. Likewise, the Responsible will guaranty the confidentiality of the identity of the person who claims and the person clamed, informing only to the strictly required persons of the process.



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