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Without the small personal illusions, life becomes monotonous and routine


Jordi Bolòs likes walking, going out to the countryside and being in contact with nature. He would like to walk more, but he has no much time, because he devotes a lot of time to his chemist, a family business that, with him arrives at the 17th generation.He defines himself as a person who takes care of his relationships and that he enjoys life without complicating himself.

Jordi has been the current President of Som Fundació for 7 years, and he has three children, one of them, Joan, a teenager with learning disabilities, that has become part of our big family. Quite often, people and families get involved in those causes that affect them directly. In this particular case, however, things were just the opposite, because Jordi had been already involved in our foundation when his son was born. Do you want to know more about Jordi?

How did the link with Som Fundació start?

I started as a volunteer at Aspanias, at the leisure centre located in the basement in Girona Street, Barcelona. Later, I did my army service as conscientious objector in Som Fundació. I liked this sector, because when I was a boy I used to share my games with Quico, a close friend of mine with learning disabilities. So, I have always felt at ease with this situation. Then I became Patron of the Foundation, and later, President of the Patronage.

Later, Joan was born…

Yes, Joan was born. And those were hard times, because, both, my wife and myself knew at the moment the consequences of this new situation and what they implied. The positive part was that we had tools to manage the subject, we knew quite well what it was about, and we normalised quite well the situation. Joan is quite awake, thanks to the task done, and also because he has luckily attended schools sharing both special and normal curricula. We think that it is highly important to share daily life and affairs with people like him, but also with other people who do not suffer from any disability. They must be part of our society and know the true reality, although this may bring about frustrations to them. It is basic for them to accept their disabilities in a normal way, as everyone must accept his/her shortcomings.

As Jordi, “in first person”, and as member of The Patronage, what does Guardianship mean to you?

Guardianship is something basic. It is an outcome to those families who have nobody to trust their child in the moment they are not with him /her; and this is the same for those people with learning disabilities. It is very difficult to leave all the things perfectly arranged, although we try to do so. Som Fundació offers the defence of people with learning disabilities, and this gives confidence to the families and their children. Without the small personal illusions, life becomes monotonous and routine. We take care of people and a lot of small illusions that we must care.

What are the challenge of the Patronage?

We are just setting up The Strategic Plan of the entity; a very ambitious plan, in fact. The members of the Patronage, although we may appear a bit far from the affairs, are volunteers that have a strong commitment with the entity. We want everything to work perfectly and we are struggling to get it.

Which has been your experience so far?

Very positive, in fact. I am very pleased with the task done so far. I have done many friends, I have enriched myself a lot, although we have undergone difficult moments. Now I am very satisfied because we have reached a lot of objectives. I think the sector recognizes the seriousness and the work of the entity. We are very lucky because we have exceptional people working here. This is a luxury.

Thank you for your words, Jordi.




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