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Bernat S. has been part of the Programme of Volunteers of som – fundació since December 2014. He considers that each of us are part of a social group that may be in way, a minority. According to this consideration, he defines himself as a sensitive person towards the reality of the persons that are part of the different social groups. Bernat is clear: Before this reality, I tell myself: “Move and act”.

Today, Bernat explains to us his experience as volunteer:

¿When did you start as volunteer?
Well, three years ago, I planned myself to develop tasks as volunteer, but, due to my free hours, I couldn’t start until the end of 2014. Since then, I have collaborated with Association Arep, doing punctual tasks, as helping to settle stands for Sant Jordi o giving support to the festival they prepare periodically. That was when I started as well to work as volunteer here.

How would you define the figure of guardianship volunteer that you develop in the foundation?
The truth is that being volunteer allows you to have a direct contact with the person because I share the leisure time and it helps to establish a personal relationship. The result is very enriching for the volunteer.

How would you value the relationship you have with the team of the foundation?
I must say that a personal motivation for working as volunteer is that the institution gets involved and, until now, I am very pleased, because, thanks to the task that you do every day, I am receiving the support I need.

Which tools would you need from Som-fundació that could help you in your task of volunteer?
One of the things I miss is to have more relationship with other volunteers. I think that it would be good that there was a periodical meeting, every three months, for example, with other colleagues to chare our experiences. We meet regularly in the “berenars” or in the Christmas Dinner, but I think that there would be very positive these meetings to share experiences, or even to carry out some activities with the persons under guardianship. These activities would be as a complement of the formation we are offered by the foundation.

Which type of activity do you share with Ricard. M.?
We share hobbies, and it is easy to choose activities. We like going to museums, exhibitions, going for a walk. Ricard likes very much books and poetry, and from time to time, we go to bookshops and buy books, or we go to “Mercat de Sant Antoni”.
One of y objectives is that Ricard feels comfortable and our outings usually finish having a cup of coffee, something he likes a lot. When I see that Ricard opens his book to start to read or he starts to write poetry in his note book that he always carries with him, I feel very well because I realise that we share these good moments.

It will be now a year since you started as a volunteer. Which is your assessment?
The fact of being a volunteer enriches to the person you support as well as to yourself. I am very pleased of doing it and I think that I won’t get tired of doing this type of activities.

Thank you very much, Bernat, for sharing this experience with us.

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