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Plena Inclusión has set up the project “The Orchard of the Ideas”, a space for any person, organisation, company, institution, or university that wants to present ideas and experiences that contribute to the wellbeing of persons with learning disabilities and their families.

The organisation has created a web,, to give visibililty to this project and promote the participation of persons or entities interested that have innovating proposals addressed to this collective. At the same time, this project facilitates the assessment and comments of the ideas and proposals.

som –fundació participates in this project with the presentation of two Good Practices:

  • The companies of support”, considering that it is an initiative that enables the help and necessary support to the persons with learning disabilities in order to favour their integrating and promote their inclusion. To enter to the content of good practice, click here .
  • “Providing the taking of decisions in the patrimonial sphere” In this case, it is a practice that we present in collaboration with the guardianship foundations Futubide and Futudís. In this practice we consider the use of systems of support to inform and favour the taking of decisions in the patrimonial sphere of the persons with learning disabilities to whom we protect.  For further information, click here.

We encourage you to collaborate with your votes and comments.

The entities chosen for their ideas will have the possibility of participating in the next Meeting of Good Practices which will be held in Cordoba during the 13th and 14th of October, 2016.


For further information, click here 


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