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A group of volunteers of the Associació de Voluntaris de la Caixa and of Fundació de La Caixa, who collaborate regularly with Som – Fundació, proposed to give a Christmas handicraft workshop to the persons we give support. The workshop was held last November, 28th, coinciding with the traditional monthly “berenar”, in order to try to have the highest number of users as possible.

manualitats-nadalenques-persones-amb-discapacitatThe activity started at 17 hours in the headquarters of Fundació Pere Tarrés, where the “berenars” are normally celebrated. Previously, we had to organise the tables to create a space, which would favour the distribution of materials and the work in groups.

The volunteers organised themselves in different tables to dedicate more attention to each group of persons and, this way, foment their creativity. They began introducing the materials and then followed by examples and recommendations to obtain the best results.

On the other hand, the persons who arrived a bit late started to make their own designs with the help of their mates and/or with the help of the volunteers who directed the workshop.

Although there was a wide range of materials, most of the people decided to make specially objects to be hung on the Christmas tree. The users enjoyed the workshop sharing the activity with their mates.

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