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During 27, 28, and 29 of October, was held in Bilbao the XI Encuentro Estatal de Voluntariado Tutelar (XI Meeting of Guardiasnhip Volunteers) with the slogan Destino: Compartir (Destination: Sharing), organised by the Asociación Española de Fundaciones Tutelares (AEFT) and Futubide Fundación Tutelar Gorabide.

The aim is to create a confluence between formation and interchange of experiences with 170 volunteers, of different tutelary entities around Spain that attended the meeting. Representing Som – Fundació there were five volunteers: Constancio E., Dolça H., Encarna M., Fabián E., Pep T.-, Raul Olivera, coordinator of the Social Area, Anna Sánchez, responsible of the Programme of Volunteers and member of the Grup de Treball de Voluntariat de l’AEFT, and Jordi Bolós, member of the Patronage.

The event started on the 27th, with a welcome dinner to all the attendants. A good way of meeting again people and getting to know new persons.

On Saturday morning, there was a round table colloquium and a role play to know generic and basic legal aspects of the Convention of the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities and of volunteers in general.

In the afternoon, we went on working in groups of 10 people in order to look into three axes: ageing, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships of the persons with intellectual disabilities. Likewise, the chairman exposed the role volunteers may have when giving the necessary support on these issues to the persons they accompany. We end the day, sharing reflections and ideas that have arisen in each group.

On Sunday, we continued working on the three axes, in the form of round table and table of experts, in which participated Raul Olivera, coordinator of the Social Area of Som – Fundació. Raul contributed with his experience and point of view about interpersonal relationships of the persons with intellectual disabilities.

To end with, we enjoyed the talk given by the consultor Lluís Soldevila, who encouraged us to act, have objectives, and work to reach them with a positive attitude and delusion.

This was a very enriching meeting!

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