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A group of volunteers, Anna Sánchez, responsible of the Programme of Volunteers, and Josep Tresserras, manager-director of the foundation, participated in XII Meeting of Volunteers of Guardianship, celebrated in Seville from 18 to 20 of October. The meeting was organised by the Asociación Española de Fundaciones Tutelares (Spanish Association of Guardianship Foundations), and gathered more than 200 people from all around Spain.

The event started with a dinner organised by the Fundación Tutelar Tau, and had the assistance of Stefan suport-persones-discapacitat-intel·lectualLópez and Fran Fuentes, actors of the film Campeones. During the subsequent days, there were different spaces of discussion and formation, with the participation of persons representing social entities and political groups. These contributions highlighted the importance of the guardianship volunteers in the support to the decision making of the persons with disability.

After the discussion panels, there were workshops and reflexion spaces with the participation of volunteers. There was also a leisure outing that allowed the attendants to enjoy a guided dramatized around the city of Seville.

The meeting ended on Sunday in the CaixaForum of Seville, where all the entities were requested to implement an inclusive and quality volunteering.

The volunteers of the programme of Volunteers of the foundation that attended the meeting emphasised the importance of these events because they allow them to share knowledge and experiences. Down below we give detail of their assessment of the meeting:

Encuentro VoluntariadoJosep T.

This meeting has helped me to get to know other experiences of volunteers with persons with disability. Besides, I have been able to collect information about the sphere of the disability, which will be very useful and will give me security to deal with certain situations.

Susana J.

It has been a very enriching experience to be able to meet with so many persons from all around Spain, with such a wide range of ages and personalities… joined together and motivated for the same objective: to search for a more conscious and inclusive society. We have discussed very interesting topics in the workshops, talks and table panels. One that I liked most was that of the inclusive volunteering, in which persons with disability could also become volunteers, because there is a will –with the means and necessary struggle-, there is a way.

Maria G.

This meeting has allowed me to meet other volunteers of the foundation and be able to share our experiences. From the workshops, I would like to emphasise the management of conflicts, because it was very practical and allowed us to connect with our proper emotions and those of our fellows. Enriching experience and highly advisable in all the aspects.

Fabián E.

My experience in the meeting has been very pleasant and positive because we have obtained important information to help to manage better our task as volunteers. Likewise, the meeting has given us a perspective of the persons with disability with needs of social inclusion in order to raise awareness to other people so that they can help the people with special needs.

Constancio E.

The meeting has helped us to realise that with patience, empathy, and willingness we can achieve an inclusive society for all of us.

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